Here is a quick wildlife Vintage Photo Texture.

So while we were out taking photos, I borrowed a cropped lens but forgot to switch the settings on my Sony A7Riii. So I ended up with this odd crop. I saw it though and absolutely loved the framing of the vignette it had. Here is the original photo taken out of the camera.


So I needed to do a bit of editing to remove some of the cropping, and work with the brightness of the photo. So I worked first in Adobe Camera Raw to make some simple edits. this is what we got out of it.


From here I played around with an old piece of paper with a number of stains and aging. This texture will be crucial for a Vintage Photo Texture edit.


So After applying this over the top, I make a layer to even out the crop and fade it more into the photo to add more paper texture. I also changed the transparency to screen and opacity to 75%. Then I added the 3Strip Color Lookup, and here is the result.


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