Just wanted to make a quick post about Supplement Photography.

I was taking some product photos and wanted to break down some of the things I did to make this photo stand out a little more. This is specifically looking at supplements or any other type of powder mixed drink.

The first thing you’ll want to do is have both an open and a closed container. It helps the audience see how it looks on the shelf and how it’ll look in the home. The second thing is to add in a couple of side props. I used a water bottle I usually use to mix my supplements, as well as a shaker bottle.

The secret tip I have Is I used my lens cap to elevate the center container this gave it a little more of a focal point in the photo.


Now I used a 50mm lens with a low f stop. This gave me a more crisp label with a nice bokeh on the rest of the objects in the frame. I purposefully cropped some of the pieces out to give the photo a bit more going on because the pictured item is an intense preworkout.

Lastly I used a running LED auxiliary light to light up my frame and gave me a nice black background for a clean supplement product photo.

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