Want that Studio Magic Black Background? Here’s the setup and settings you’re going to need.

Studiomagicblackbackground-studio-Banjo background-photography

I learned about this trick in a class, it involves using an auxiliary light and properly exposing your subject based on this brighter flash rather than any ambient light in the room or elsewhere. What you’ll need, a Subject, dim to moderately lit room, auxiliary flash, manual mode on a camera, a little creativity. the photo above was taken in a classroom setting with a couple overhead lights on.

Let’s look at this portrait with a Magic Studio Black Background.


This photo was taken in a living room with a few lights on. The metadata for this is f/11 1/200 and ISO set to 50 on a 50 mm lens. The flash was set up on a stand just off to the subjects left. Normally those settings in this environment would produce a completely black image, but with the bright flash we light up the subject and create that Magic Studio Black Background. Here is an awkward set up photo for reference. As you can see it’s light enough for homework and life to carry on in the living room, so make sure your exposure is set for complete darkness when you set up.


Here is just another shot using this Magic Studio Black Background, again in the same room and lighting as above.



With a little tweaking and finding some fun angles you can ace this project also! If you’re looking for another post about this check out!