Here some Renaissance and Baroque Geysers that I used some editing tools to create.

I took some photos that I didn’t think had much value but finding the light to be angled kind of interesting and shaped somewhat like a triangle I put in some work. I began by exaggerating some of the highlights and shadows. I made it clear from what angle it was coming from and took a baroque spotlight style.

It started off with these three photos of this geyser. I saw so much motion in the picture and the unique light that came down upon it. From there I started applying this same effect to several photos.

RenaissanceandBaroqueGeysers RenaissanceandBaroqueGeysers RenaissanceandBaroqueGeysers

I then saw these photos with a heavy mist and fog with a friend in a yellow coat. I wanted to apply this same dramatic effect to it.

RenaissanceandBaroqueGeysers - Wood Trails - fog RenaissanceandBaroqueGeysers - Wood Trails - fog

Then I took an angle lower to the wooden trail to get the reflection from it.

RenaissanceandBaroqueGeysers - Wood Trails - fog

Here was another Geyser as well.

RenaissanceandBaroqueGeysers - Wood Trails - fog - geyser

This is a bit of a niche set of photography, but I think it’s beautiful to see the power in lighting and making sure we bring that to life.

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