I needed to branch out a bit and take some more commercial shots and decided on Outdoorsmen Product Photography.

I took a few of the items that I had and create a few different setups. The first was a pair of boots I was gifted made by the company Twisted X. I crafted this setup with a block of wood, a blanket I carry around with me often for adventures, a hatchet my father gave me some time ago, and the boots. In the edit I did in post I wanted to bring out the green and brown in the boots.

Twisted-X-Outdoorsmen-Product-Photography Twisted-X-Outdoorsmen-Product-Photography

The Next Product I took photos of is my Stanley Multi-tool. I took photos of this in two different locations. The First was the rocky shore of Jenny Lake, and the other in a small stream to get a lot of movement. and I absolutely loved how they turned out!

Stanley-Outdoorsmen-Product-Photography Stanley-Outdoorsmen-Product-Photography

This last one was a granola bar by Sunbelt I just happened to have on me. I decided to spice up the photo on this one by adding in some rocks and little leaves to help bring out the natural theme.


Taking these product shots and having fun with the different props and making a fun little background for them was quite the exercise in creativity and I highly recommend it,

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