A little step by step on taking Outdoor Auxiliary Light Portraits.

The key here is a little preparation, to carry gear and a flash with a good diffuser on it. The photo series below we used a larger flash with umbrella style diffuser as the auxiliary light. These three photos will look at the purpose and potential results from adding auxiliary lights to your outdoor portraits to get a well exposed subject as well as a beautiful scenic background.

Here is the first photo with the the camera exposed for the subject. You can see there isn’t much of the beautiful Teton Mountain range peaking through the background. The subject looks great, but we can do a little work to make this photo pop.


This photo we start to prepare the camera setting for a stunning outdoor auxiliary light portrait. See how the subject is now completely underexposed but we’ve managed to capture a lot of this outdoor beauty at Jenny Lake?


Then lastly we add that nice diffused flash to light up our subject properly while maintaining a good exposure on the background!



Really adds a lot to a photo to capture both the foreground and background and maintain a value seperation to give a photo a lot of depth!

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