Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot (OSES)

This is an idea from the character architect of a teacher, Caryn Esplin. The basis is, that you are around so often extraordinary shots but they are disguised as an ordinary spot. I really wanted to challenge myself on this project and not leave the front room of the place I am staying currently. After sometime looking around, waiting, procrastinating mostly, I just decided. I chose the dishwasher and the refrigerator, common and ordinary household appliances. I then worked to see how I could then find an interesting angle, odd light, or a principle of design I liked.

The Dishwasher

It was open, the bottom drawer was out like it had its tongue sticking out at me, mocking me and my stupor of thought about what to do. So I took the first photo, the ordinary spot.


For the extraordinary shot I really looked at creating some fun elements, and looking at patterns and repetitions and leading lines to make something that visually I enjoyed looking at or was something worth of extraordinary. Heres the shot shot I came up with. I tried to place some of these leading lines on the rule of thirds, as well as the spotlight on the rack, and keeping these blurred lines at the forefront on the horizontal thirds. In post I tried to keep the colors to oranges and blues.


The Fridge

Here right next to my dishwasher was the fridge, and I opened up the door and thought, you know, this isn’t ordinary, it is definitely pathetic and off putting. So I said perfect I’ll start here, the ordinary spot.

I wanted to find a new perspective and realized I rarely saw the lightbulb here because it was just in an awkward spot. So I wanted to play with some settings and see what kind of light I could capture and or light I could keep out to get an interesting or extraordinary shot. To roommates amusement laying on the ground in front of an open refrigerator finding the different angles. Spending lots of time with different settings to figure out how to make this happen. The Extraordinary shot. 

You can find another example of this here at this link, I think Hillary nailed this idea of Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot:

Ordinary Spot-Extraordinary Shot