I want to give you a fun little guide on Mirror Product Photography.

You’re going to need a laptop, mirror and small product. In this post, I use a slim watch and a tube of Portland Bee Balm chapstick. The fun part is picking a background. You’ll want to pick something that goes with the product or builds a theme.

For the first photo, I did the Portland Bee Balm. I chose to google honey and bees. Filter the image size to large and open an image up as large as you can get it. Place the mirror on the keyboard, and close the laptop most of the way. You’ll see how in my setup shot.

Portland Bee Balm-Mirror Product Photography

Portland Bee Balm-Mirror Product Photography - set up

Once you’ve taken a few shots you’ll need to determine if you need to use an auxiliary light as well. These next few are of a watch I received as a gift some time ago. The first shot is again with the laptop, and the second utilizes a TV.

Watch-Mirror-Product-Photography Watch-Mirror-Product-Photography

Give it a go, super simple to set up a fun themed background for smaller product shoots!

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