Tips for a Male Photoshoot

This shoot was about catching some strong poses for men. The first model I met with by this door on a barn with some metal gating around it. We joked around a bit to get comfortable and started with a standing pose. We then moved to a couple seated positions and a little bit more of a goofy candid pose.

Here’s this first image. You’ll see we have the model leaned against the wall, hand in pockets, chest to the camera, looking off to the distance. One way to add a little movement and interest to the photo, is to have the model tilt one foot onto its side as seen here.

As above I mentioned we seated the model, and I took these photos leaned agains the barn, but wanted to then look at the angle shooting through these rusted metal bars. I liked the moodiness it added to the photo and provided depth.

The last image I will post from this model in the male photoshoot is after joking around, I had him “play with back of your shirt, like you’re tucking it in, or untucking it”. This pushes the models shoulders out and combine this with some playful joking about and you’ll have a solid candid during a male photoshoot.

The second model I had out at the male photoshoot I had over by the hay barn. We took few moody photos out there that I felt fit the more empty field, and grey cloudy skies we were having.

For the last photo we moved under the barn and had the model sit down on the bale of hey to mix it up a bit.

my tips for a male photoshoot are to get comfortable with your model, laugh and joke a bit. Then move towards what you think the mood should be in the photo. from there, pick poses that eccentuate the male physique, poses that move the shoulders out, or give you a broad chest look.

Here is a link to a fantastic example of a male photoshoot.