Wanted to create a fun edit of this photo I took using Double Exposure Editing.

Now typically these double exposures use a face, or mostly a head shot but I wanted to try something interesting. I decided to take this shot from behind holding a violin. The model is a huge fan of the mountains and so I wanted to incorporate that in the photo. I wanted the mountains to show through her. here is the photo using Double Exposure Editing.


I knew I wanted to use this particular photo. I knew this photo was going to get hectic though and so I took it and turned it black and white.



After that, I wanted to take out the background and added in my mountain shot. I took this photo while on a flight from Salt Lake to LA. After removing the background and placing the shot, I kept playing around with the placement and it all seemed much too busy and a bit unclear. At some point, I decided to shrink the photo with a white background. I really liked how chaotic it was combined with the amount of white space that allowed the image to breathe. From here I erased or softened hard edges on her clothes, hair, hat, etc. Then the final touch was to clear up most of the violin so it could stand out as more of the focal point of the photo.


I ended up happy with the edit and have since sent it off to my friend.

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