A few fun poses for Couples/Pairs Photos

I just wanted to post a few examples of taking photos of two people, whether they are a couple or just a pair of friends.

This first two photos is going to be a couple. When I was first starting out a mother once told me, it might be a wedding of two people, and a photo of two people, but this is her photo. What she meant is that while it’s important to get both in the image, make sure you make the woman in the photo look good, and it’ll make the man look good too. here’s an example. One of my favorite poses, “The Strong Protector” pose. Have the man wrap his arm around the woman and hold her shoulder, or hang the hand there, and then have the woman make a triangle by holding his arm.


The Next photo of a couple tip is to be fun and creative. I saw in this barn some wood rafters with a nice space in between, and thought it might be fun to highlight the couples eyes. The key here is to give them something to sit on so they can keep their eyes both at the same level, and same distance from the camera, give it a little patience and you’ll come out with a great photo.


Next let’s look at pair of male friends. Have them sit and posture well with a good topic to talk about. Have them use broad hand gestures but move slowly and take some photos of the situation. I also like to add grain and reduce the white value to give it a bit more of a vintage look.

Pair Photography-Couple-Pair-Portrait2

For Posing two girls a big difference is getting them a lot more comfortable and close together. Men need their space, but keep the girls closer together, lean on each other. Remember the principle of making triangles with the limbs, rest a bent arm on each other, or cross a leg towards one another.


Remember to make sure the two models have a fun time both with you and together, capturing the fun is going to make the magic in the photos.

For some more tips check out this post.