I wanted to make a post with all of my Comm 316 Portfolio Work.

I have two main objectives with this post. The first being to show off all the neat photos and edits I’ve curated over the past semester at school. But secondly and maybe more importantly show gratitude for all that I have learned from my professor Caryn Esplin. She has taught a number of things that I will never forget and have given me skills to curate such a large body of work.

Over the semester I have noticed I like deeper shadows, and images that are often darker than they are bright. In the smallest parts, I appreciate the pure white but often leave most whites muted. I noticed it seems to push more towards a baroque style of lighting or even a renaissance. I love in Renaissance the use of the triangular subject. You can see that here in the image of the girl twirling her dress, or the shape of the geyser erupting, or the stack of rocks, leaves, and twigs, with the granola bar product shot. The muted tones are found in many of my photos, and the pure whites in just a few.

Color Lookup Theme-Rachel-Post achel-DoubleExposureEditing RenaissanceandBaroqueGeysers Stanley-Outdoorsmen-Product-Photography Sunbelt-Outdoorsmen-Product-Photography Sunset-Island-Park-and-Yellowstone IslandParkand-YellowStone-Fish-Hatchery FemalePhotoshoot-FemalePortrait-Female-Portrait FemalePhotoshoot-FemalePortrait-Female-Portrait Portrait-female-Magicstudioblackbackground-studio-background-photography Male Photo Shoot Male Photo Shoot RenaissanceandBaroqueGeysers - Wood Trails - fog Macro-ring-Photography-Rings Auxiliary Lighting Outdoors - Female - Portrait - Tetons Sunset-Island-Park-and-YellowstoneMale Photo ShootBroken-Arrow-Supplement-Photography

As you can see I’ve had a lot of fun and made some good friends. I learned a lot in the process of doing the work and examining what did and didn’t work. I also began to notice how I consistently began to edit my photos and what I had framed in them sometimes consciously and other times out of habit I suppose.

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