I wanted to show you a quick edit tool I’ve been using in Photoshop called Color Lookup Theme (Lut).

this was shown to me by one of my favorite photographers and mentors and I’d like to share it with you. This is an adjustment layer. So my workflow takes the photo and makes my basic edits in Adobe Camera raw. This is the original photo I am going to be working with.


As you can see we need to bump up the exposure. we were running out of light in the day and it was a bit difficult to juggle ISO, shutter speed, and such with low light. So after making those adjustments we ended up with this photo.


This is a nice photo as is, but it doesn’t really pop too much. We can take this a lot of ways, but I think we need a lot more out of this photo. So I might make these adjustments myself or use a preset in Adobe Camera Raw, but here I just used 2 Color Lookup adjustment layers. You’ll add the layer and a dialogue box pops up, and get familiar with the top drop-down box. The first one that I place over this image is the Kodak 5205 Filter at 54% and normal transparency. The second filter I added was candlelight. This layer though was a bit much at first, but I toned it down by switching the transparency to Linear Dodge (add) and brought it down to 48% opacity. This is the end result!

Color Lookup Theme-Rachel-Post

A very quick and easy way to edit photos that can be fantastic and really add a lot of pop to the image.

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