This is a side project I did with a friend. The work in the case study represents work across 3 weeks, about 1-2 hours a day.

Edge of the Empire case study here


Redesign site navigation, flow, and theme.


  1. Check your assumptions!! (I assumed what I thought would be the best step by step flow for creating a character in the game, however after doing some research with friends, and then within a few discord groups, I found I was wrong, and that there isn’t any sort of common pattern amongst players.)
  2. Fix it in Pre!! (I spent considerable amount of time skething layouts and user flows, and it made execution fun, easy, and left me free to tackle granular items more effectively.)
  3. Work on a project you love (This is used for a game that I and several friends play and being able to chat with them about what I do was awesome!)