Don’t forget the story by remembering Accessories and Location Photography

When you go out to take photos of any event remember there is venue that will want better photos to make their product look better, there are empty photos that will help put an album together to remember a party. There are also fantastic little details that you can capture as well in accessories as well. So you will do well to gather some skills in Accessories and Location Photography.

Take some photos of place that others might not. The side of a building with some interesting railing, or uncommon features. I tend to edit mine in black and white as it will always be timely and can give any scene a classy look.


Also make sure to get the grand entrance, at this barn, its the barn doors. There might be a number of things in your shot, try to eliminate some of the distractions but highlight the details.


Then make sure to get pictures that highlight the little things, for instance a model brought a banjo to pass some of the anticipated down time, and stole the show.



Then see if you can’t highlight the mood or feeling and create a photo that portrays an atmosphere with the banjo at a barn.


This one is all about thinking forward to curating a lasting memory of what you are doing now. All photography comes back to this single idea.

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